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Sat Nam,
and welcome to the site. You might enjoy some of the links I've collected.

Positive mind refers to your creative expansive mind as described in 'the mind book' by yogi bhajan and gurucharan. I consider this book a must have for anyone who wants to experience the nectar of life. It begins by breaking down the mind into its positive(+), negative(-), and neutral(0) tendencies which once you have a feel for, provides a very useful cognitive framework.

On this site you'll find information on things of interest like yoga and tunes from reality, my music project (consider supporting independent music by buying a CD-R). Taken with 'a grain of salt' akara numerology readings can be informative ...

What ever you do in life or what ever your religious (un)beliefs I whole heartedly believe that without a meditative practice you're living life as a pinball or pachinko ball being bounced around by the game of life. You have no idea how turbulent your mind is until you stop and work with it in meditation. Life is smoother with meditation as you start to consciously navigate the board rather than be steered by your subconscious habits. It's an incredible amount of work, but by far the most worthwhile activity. I recommend developing your practice cautiously in a grounded organic fashion.